Happy Chimney

Delicious Chimney Cakes, home-made and freshly baked. also called Kürtőskalács, Kürtös Kalács, Trdelnik, Kurtosh, Baumstriezel, Horn Cake, Székely Cake, Hungarian Twister, Cozonac Secuiesc.

Wat is a Chimney Cake?

Well it is known by many names like Trdelnik in the Czech Republic, and Baumstriezel in Germany and kürtőskalács in Hungary and Slovenia, but it is originally from Transylvania (Yes home of Dracula ) that is now part of Romania.

There are different stories about how it was invented, one of the stories is about a women who saved her village while under siege by the Ottomans(1412) from starvation by baking Chimney Cakes, more likely is the version that people used a part of a stove pipe to slowly bake dough over the hot coals from the stove .

During time this delicious cake was mainly served at weddings and festivals, but know days you can find it on the street in Hungary, Rumania and the Czech Republic and off course right here with us!

In our Truck we prepare the Chimney Cake’s , we roll the dough, bake them on the grill and serve them with a topping. People really like to see the whole process.

After we went to Hungary to learn how to make the best original Chimney Cakes, we developed together with the people from a windmill near us our own recipe, and use a lot of fresh ingredients like lime and orange juice to create an unique taste.
We charge our truck with solar panels at home and can do 1 day festivals
without the use of a power supply. Our Truck used to be a bakery van in Germany we rebuild it and try to give it the look and feel of the
Shops we visited in Prague and Budapest.